Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Melanotan 2: A Tan From The Inside Out

Some of us just weren't blessed with melanin. Melanin is the substance that makes many races of people darker and naturally tanned. This melanin is what helps protect them from the sun and why they have lower incidents of skin cancer and why they are able to survive a weekend at the beach better than us with lighter skin. Many of us try to get an artificial tan or use sunblock before we get to the beach but it doesn't work as well as melanin. Nature really have created the best sunblock their is. For millions of years, you either won the melanin lottery at birth or you did not.

But with modern science, that has changed, now you can develop melanin, even if you are the fairest of fair skinned person. With the creation of Melanotan 2 by research scientist, anyone can develop melanin.

How Does It Work? How Will It Change Me

Melanotan 2 works by triggering the hormones that create melanin to work in your body. Once these hormones are activated you will start to develop melanin and a natural tan. Now this begs the question, how will it make you look? I'm sure that all sorts of images are popping into your head, some not to favorable. Let me stop that for you right now. Melanotan 2 will make you look like you have a natural tan. It won't make you look like you have changed races or anything like that. It will simply make you look like you have a niece toasty tan skin that is healthy and beautiful. The good thing about doing this naturally is that you won't get the tanning bed weirdo look, which is really slight burning. With this product you will simple take on a nice tanned toned.

Is It Safe For Me To Us

Yes, it is safe. Feel free to Google "Melanotan 2" to learn more about this product from other sources. What I can say is that it was created by research scientist and it has be tested over and over again. Take a look at the wiki page to learn about the university studies and the safety and efficacy of this product. I am quite sure after reading this information that you will be able to make a very informed decision about the safety of this project. Please  do this research so that you can satisfy yourself that this is a safe product and that it is right for you and for your body. All the information is available for you to learn how it created melanin in your body. The university of Arizona also has great info on this product.

As you can now see, you too can have a natural tan like our naturally tanned friends have. Whereas they naturally have melanin, with this product you can also develop melanin and a nice natural tan of your own. Read more about this product and make the choice that is best for you.